REMINDER for Talent Show Performers!

Please bring your CD's to Tina today or tomorrow morning. We will not accept CD's past 8:30 AM.

Thank you,
Tina Rodriguez


Talent Show Parent Letter


Dear Carlson Parents and Students:

This year our Talent Show will be on June 14,2016 at 8:30 AM in the Carlson Auditorium. All auditions will be held during school hours.
Monday and Wednesday 12:00-1:00 PM. Auditions will be in 5 minute increments and sign up is outside of Todd’s classroom.
Tues, Thursday and Friday
10:30-11:30 Auditorium

Students who wish to audition please follow these requirements:
-         Must be in Kindergarten – Second Grade at Alice Carlson.
-         Performance Ready - Have everything they will need for the actual performance. We will have a CD player for you. It will count against the students audition score if they do not come with everything they on the day of the audition. If singing, a karaoke version is required so that we can hear the student and not the voices on the recording. You can download most karaoke versions of songs on iTunes and Google Play.
-         Students may audition a maximum of one thing – (with the exception of performing with their class)

-         In order to get an audition time, students must bring back this permissions lip that includes the title of their act (could be the name of the song) and the names of all students who are in this act. If it is a group of students, all students must turn in their permission slip in order to be allowed to audition with the group. A rubric for the auditions can be found in the office in the folder “Talent Show.”
-         If the act has song lyrics (solo/group singing, tumbling routing to recorded music, etc.) a copy of the lyrics must be attached so that we can make sure the lyrics are clean and appropriate for school. (Kinder Friendly Only Please)
-         .
Once students have turned in their permission slip to me. I will have a box placed outside of the auditorium door for your audition slips. Please sign up on the posters located in the hallway nearest to the Todd and Tina’s Classrooms. Auditions times cannot be made up if missed unless there is an opening and it is arranged with Todd or Tina. Each student/group will have two minutes max. Acts do not have to be limited to music. There are many talents! In the past we have had hula hoop routines, gymnastics, cheer, vocal and instrumental acts, dance routines, magic shows, the list goes on!

Talent Show Committee

Permission Form

Student’s Name: ­­­­­­­­­­­­
 Grade: ___________
Act/Song Title: ___________________________

Who is in the act: ______________________________________________________

I give my child permission to audition for the Carlson Talent show. I have checked my child’s lyrics (if applicable) to make sure they are clean and free from suggestive/inappropriate language.
 Parent Signature: _________________________

Homeroom Signature:_____________________


Talent Show Audition This Week

The Talent Show Auditions are this week only!

12-1 PM Monday and Wednesday in Todd's room. Sign ups are outside of Todd's door

10:30-11:30 Tues,Thursday and Friday-Sign ups are outside of Tina's door,


Fine Arts Nite This Thurs

Shanna's 3rd Grade Class is hosting a wonderful Fine Arts Night this Thursday, June 2nd at 5:30 PM.

This is a fun night of families coming together to learn and enjoy art. This event won't be possible without parent volunteers. Please consider volunteering to help out for a 30-minute shift. The Sign-Up Genius link is below. We  look forward to seeing all of you

Fine Arts Volunteer Sign Up



Date: June 14th 2016
Where: Carlson Auditorium
Grades: Kinder - Second

More information will be coming soon


Attention All Second and Fourth Graders

PTA Performance. May  26  
Please meet in the gym at 6 PM  to prepare for our performances. Fourth Grade please bring your music and recorders with you to the gym